it's my turn to cry
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May 15 at 11:04PM
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We love you Kris, We are one , #StayStrongKris #StayStrongEXO

May 15 at 10:58PM
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Firstly, we are very thankful to M!Countdown for giving us this huge award. We are very thankful to everyone and our fans for loving us. And today is Teacher’s Day! So thank you Lee Soo Man teacher! We won’t forget your kindness! And my EXO members that i love, i sincerely love you all, thank you ^ ^ And our… slogan is We are One. Just like this slogan, instead of thinking about only ourselves, we will think about us that are in this together, think about EXO, think about EXO’s fans… We shall become EXO that thinks of our EXO’s fans. We will work hard! Thank you! We are One! EXO Let’s love!” (x)

please don’t spread hate and #WeBeliveInYouKris,

May 15 at 10:54PM
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exo must be hurting more than we are. they’ve trained together, they’ve done so much together and it’s falling apart in front of ours eyes and we can’t do anything except watch it

May 15 at 10:51PM
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Exo when giving you gifts :)

please give kris come back

"The road is long, you can go anywhere you want, and no one can make the decision for others. The truth is, the public is always in the dark. Maybe the public will feel for the minority party, but that’s not the truth. Only we, the people going through all this, know the truth. Like us 11 members, our SM company and staff. But outside of that, people are mixing up good and bad. You guys won’t know the feeling of being betrayed by someone, the feeling of everyone siding with the person who betrayed you. You can have your own opinions and viewpoints, but I want to say this - the truth about right and wrong is clear. Our consciences are clear."


[140515] Tao’s Instagram Update.